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Online Clone Wars: How to Make Your Content Stand Out Online - Content Planning

By Paula Agius on 27-Feb-2018 10:28:25

There’s a lot of noise out there in the digital world, especially in the recruitment and HR spaces.

Companies are posting videos, blogs and social media updates each day about a wide range of topics in the hope of better connecting their business with both talent and prospective clients, and positioning themselves as an employer or recruiter of choice.

We all know the value of reaching out regularly to keep us relevant, but with the amount of material constantly flooding into cyberspace, it can be an intimidating thought. You'd be forgiven for thinking you're just posting the same stuff as everyone else and wondering why you’re even bothering.

So how do you dream up successful content ideas and then produce great content worthy of it, so that you're being different online? Let's start there...

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How Content Marketing Attracts More Leads Into Your Sales Funnel

By Paula Agius on 13-Feb-2018 08:50:00

Content Marketing has become a bit of a buzz concept today as people and organisations venture more online. But what does it actually mean? And how does it drive leads to your business?

Content has become the most critical ingredient in raising brand awareness and attracting potential customers into your sales funnel, so it’s super important your business is producing the right kinds of content, in the right form, and at the right time, to grow your lead channels and reach your goals.

Here’s all you need to know!

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What's the Purpose of Blogging? Tips to Creating Blogs With Great ROI!

By Paula Agius on 15-Jun-2015 20:11:00

You’ve heard it before, “You should blog,” “You really need to blog,” “Don’t you have a blog?!”

You’re not sure what the purpose of blogging is, but on your commute you’re motivated to write that 600-word story – about how no one stood up for a disabled passenger and the impact of the aloof, disengaged culture we have become.

Your story’s great; well written, delivers an inspired message - to anyone who finds it. But which of your prospective buyers is typing into Google, “What’s the impact of the aloof and disengaged on society?" Not many, I bet. 

And which part of your service or product offering serves as a solution this problem?

So what’s going on? Your prospects aren’t finding your blogs through search, and while you can still post links to your blog on forums and social media, if the topic isn’t meeting the needs ('pain points') of your prospective buyer, they’re unlikely to click through on it. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” 

You're not blogging for business and if part of your strategy is to increase the number of visitors to your site or increase your lead conversion rate, you’re probably going to be disappointed by the results of this kind of blogging and simply give it up.

But don't do that yet! Here are my tips to writing relevant blog posts that will bring you the stats you're after:

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