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How to Turn Your Social Media Activities into Customers - 3 Easy Steps

By Paula Agius on 06-Feb-2018 08:55:00

Did you know the number one use of the internet today is social media? Your potential customers are all there, checking updates hourly (or more!) and posting content several times a day.

You’ve heard all the hype about it, and your business has probably joined the fray, but it’s difficult to visualise how your brand will actually gain customers and a return on investment (ROI) from it all, especially when it can take up so much time.

Don’t worry- you’re not alone.

Many businesses know that they should be both present and active online, but can’t seem to work out how to harness its power to actually put some runs on the board.

But it is possible!

So here are the 3 ways to give more purpose to your posts, and turn those users into customers!

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SEO: How to Rank on Search Results

By Paula Agius on 01-Feb-2018 08:30:00

By now, we all know how important SEO is for our business, but with changes and updates constantly being made by search engines like Google, it can be hard to keep up. You'd be forgiven for thinking SEO must be some kind of fairy dust bestowed upon the elite websites of the world – or simply a mates-deal with Google.

It’s not.

So today we're demystifying SEO: what it is, why we need it, how it works, and how 'get it'.

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Stand Out Online & Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitors

By Paula Agius on 03-Dec-2015 08:30:00

Your business has a social media and online presence. You’re posting your ‘stuff’: blogs, industry information... You’re consistently posting. So why is your engagement down?

It could be a variety of many things, but today I’m focusing on one simple foundational element: soul.


In recruitment, when job-hunter numbers were low and vacancies high, we used the phrase, “a candidate’s market”. It’s commerce 101: supply and demand.

In sales and marketing, today’s is a “buyer’s market”. Suppliers are chosen by their buyers from a multitude of available options.

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Importance of Time Relevant Content | Your 2016 Content Marketing Strategy

By Paula Agius on 19-Nov-2015 15:42:13

Great online and social media marketers become so because they provide on-time, trending and relevant content to their audiences.

But this doesn’t happen by accident. While it may appear seamless, they’re working a carefully brewed content marketing strategy.

From the types of content, to topics of the content, to the actual authors – and a whole range more – these content marketers are leaving little to chance with an online marketing strategy that tells their story and their values, and drives leads and sales.

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