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How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy - Start Here...

10-Dec-2015 08:34:08


Three more weeks to 2016! Two more weeks until Christmas! But has your business already gone on holidays?

It’s a bizarre time of year… Everyone’s exhausted. We can’t wait for the holidays; we all need a break; we all want a fresh new year and a fresh new start.

And the exhaustion is visible everywhere: clients have slowed down, staff are tired, business owners are lingering over coffee and the quarter’s turnover figures…

Is much productive getting done? What if Santa slowed down now??!

My advice? Don’t waste this “quiet time”. Instead...

... why not embark on a fresh, new, exciting project to (a) ignite some energy and spark into the rest of 2015, and (b) get you beginning your 2016 new year at the starting line?!

That’s right, I’m talking about using the next two weeks to create - or polish up - your 2016 content marketing strategy. Wouldn't you like to come back to work next year knowing you've got this well under way?

Here's a little 'get-started' boost for you - my top ten steps to getting your content marketing strategy foundations set up:

  1. Pick your 2016 Content Marketing Strategy Team. Choose representatives from your marketing team as well as a selection of other relevant roles within your business.

  2. Who are you? Remind the Team of who your business actually is. Tie up any loose ends.

  3. Where are you? Assess and analyse your existing online marketing statistics.

  4. Where do you want to be? Determine where you want to be and when you want to be there. Create your S.M.A.R.T online marketing goals.

  5. Who are your buyers? Take an in depth look at your primary buyers and how they buy (handy hint: use this template: Buyers Persona Creation Template). Map out how you’re going to tie up any loose ends.

  6. Show me the money! Know what you have spent, the return, the value of a customer, and define your new content marketing budget.

  7. Get started! Fill out a calendar with dates an events relevant to your business (use this free template: 2016 Events Calendar Template).

  8. Build a campaign strategy. Define relevant offers and calls-to-action around your calendar.

  9. Campaign blueprints. Create your campaign workflows that lead your prospect to the ultimate goal.

  10. Content creation map. Define what content you're going to need for your campaigns and create a roadmap towards their completion.


Don't forget to grab your free 2016 Events Calendar Template - customisable and already populated with common Aussie events throughout the year! Click the image below...

Content Calendar Head Start - Events Calendar

 Happing Content Marketing 2016!

Paula Agius

Written by Paula Agius

Paula is an experienced content marketing specialist with many years experience in B2B business marketing and sales. Subscribe to Paula's blogs for insights and stories on this evolving online marketing world.