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Stand Out Online & Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitors

03-Dec-2015 08:30:00


Your business has a social media and online presence. You’re posting your ‘stuff’: blogs, industry information... You’re consistently posting. So why is your engagement down?

It could be a variety of many things, but today I’m focusing on one simple foundational element: soul.


In recruitment, when job-hunter numbers were low and vacancies high, we used the phrase, “a candidate’s market”. It’s commerce 101: supply and demand.

In sales and marketing, today’s is a “buyer’s market”. Suppliers are chosen by their buyers from a multitude of available options.

Exactly what they’re looking for varies; it depends on a number of conditions based on their individual value systems. (Just like your ideal customer will depend on conditions based on your business’ value systems!)

Despite our increased digital, ‘help-yourself’ age - with online shopping, banking, researching, et al - the need to feel ‘connected’ has become much greater. Your prospects want to know who you are, what you are about, and how they can relate to you.

For those reasons, it’s crucial to make sure you give your business soul, and that you portray that soul and personality throughout your internet content and social media marketing.

Think of companies like Virgin Australia, McDonalds, Red Bull, Domino’s Pizza… Each have given their brand their own personality and soul and marketed it well.


How Do I Stand Out from My Competitors Using Internet Marketing?

If you're wondering what to talk about on social media and what content you should be delivering, begin by reminding yourself and everyone in your business of the basics and why you’re actually here:

  1. Your business: What are your goals? What is your mission? What are your values? What are your points of difference? What causes do you support?

  2. Your buyers: Who are your buyers? What do you know about them? What problems do you solve for them?


With complete and fresh answers, your brand takes on a personality and soul of its own.

Now you're ready to build a new content marketing strategy around them. Create date-driven campaigns relevant to your business that your buyers will want to take part in. Give them goals and create relevant content that promotes them.


Giveaway - 2016 Events Calendar Template for your Content Marketing Strategy.pngIf you haven't got yours yet, get a head start using our customisable 2016 Events Calendar template!

Add dates and events important to your brand and your buyers. It comes already populated with common Australian events for the year to help get you started! You'll also find links to sites to help you find more important dates and events to create your own customised version for your business. Click below for yours:

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Giveaway - 2016 Events Calendar Template for your Content Marketing Strategy.pngPsst! You can also get a copy of my Buyer Persona Template to help you learn more about your prospects and buyers! Click here:

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Paula Agius

Written by Paula Agius

Paula is an experienced content marketing specialist with many years experience in B2B business marketing and sales. Subscribe to Paula's blogs for insights and stories on this evolving online marketing world.